Tailor-made for agriculture.

Our program is tailor-made for farmers, agricultural retailers, and individuals who want to benefit from a local nitrogen plant. With ownership, you get access to nitrogen profit margins and benefit from transparent pricing and greater local supply.

We are bringing nitrogen production economics to the farm gate. 

 Pie chart shows the breakdown of Project Capitalization sources. $7 million in seed capital, $110 million in debt, and $103 million in equity through Toll and Merchant class programs. The total project capitalization is $220 million.

One Plant, Two Investment Opportunities

Merchant Members

Eligibility: Accredited Investor (Tons not available for direct purchase.)
Price / Unit: $10,000
Minimum Investment: $20,000
On-Site Storage: Available
Dividend: Profit / loss distributions based on sell of merchant tons.

A 5% down payment secures your place among a limited number of ownership opportunities available.


Toll  Members

Eligibility: Accredited Investor, Commercial Fertilizer License
Price / Unit: $10,000
Minimum Investment: $250,000
On-Site Storage: Available
Dividend: Production cost + toll fee F.O.B. Garner


We'd love to hear from you. Please contact Office Manager Ben Hauge at ben@greenfieldnitrogen.com or 641-512-6018.